Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Nice Conversation

A few days ago, i watched a Korean drama. And i found an interesting and beautiful (for me :p) conversation between two doctor in that drama. An older doctor to a younger doctor. And the conversation goes like this:

Young Doctor (YD)
Old Doctor (OD)

YD : Teacher, can love really take away the pain of a person?
OD : Of course!! There is no better pain killer than that. Maybe god created love to heal people.
YD : But there are also painful love...
OD : That's not pain. Perhaps, just a different kind of medicine.
         For example, like an antiseptic you put over a open wound.
         You heal the pain with another pain.
         This is one of the interesting ways of God's method.

Wow.. its a very unique way to see a "thing" called love. A different point a view can make something ugly turn into beautiful. Right now, that's all living people really need. To see something in a different side and think positively. A medicine isn't always good and painless.

If you thought that this conversation was from a cheesy, lovey dovey, dramatic, romance drama, you're absolutely wrong. Its from a drama about thriller, mystery, and crime genre drama. Hehehe :))

That's all folks.. Happy Thursday.

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eyy.. LOVE.
hal yang bisa membangkitkan sekaligus membunuh. LOL apa deh.

nice post bang. keep it up /halah/ hehehe